About Us

The Clover Partnership has over 10 years of successful Professional Staffing experience.

As recruiters, we team up with top level talent in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Administration.  We have a notable track record assisting award winning and published professionals, Employees of the Year and nationally acclaimed sales professionals on their career path.


We enjoy working with the best talent in the industry to help them navigate next steps in career growth and development, compensation and work/life balance.


We are committed to creating extraordinary employer-talent matches by facilitating introductions that not only meet career objectives, but also culture resonance in terms of personality — the intangibles unavailable by reading a job description alone.


we assist in the areas of Creative Services, Hospitality, Finance, Information Technology, Real Estate, Legal, Healthcare, Retail, Wholesale and Non-Profit in hiring the best talent available. We have an exceptional reputation with boutique and global companies as well as national and family owned businesses. 

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