WELL DONE!  We are thrilled.  We’d like the Sr. Marketing Manager to start Monday.  This is great news!

CEO, Global Luxury Consumer Goods, NY, NY”

“She helped me to find a Director, a position we had been searching for on our own for a long time. She was very knowledgeable and really understood what we were looking for. She sent me a few resumes that met exactly what we wanted and about a month later we hired one of her candidates. I would definitely work with her again on another opening.”

HR Manager of Sales Recruiting, Top Global Hospitality Company, Chicago, IL

“Thanks for bringing this Senior Leader to the table.   We could not be more pleased!”

President, Human Resources,  South Carolina

“I have worked with her as both a job candidate and as a hiring employer. She is meticulous in her research for both the candidate and the employer to find the best fit. She is resourceful, trustworthy and detailed. She communicates effectively, understands your goals and throughout the entire process has a smile on her face. She has an incredible talent for matching the right company with the appropriate candidate.”

Director of Sales, Global Hospitality Company, Chicago, IL

“I have worked with her for about a year and a half now and she has placed 2 exceptional people for our agency. She is able to identify candidates quickly that have the right skill set and experience that fits what our agency is looking for. It is nice to work with a recruiter who understands the business and who is also personable.”

Human Resources Director, Marketing Agency, Chicago, IL

“She listens closely to her clients’ needs and focuses on finding the right fit. Her ability to match clients with strong career options is exceptional. She is your coach and partner throughout the entire interview and hiring process. Taking advantage of her professional service will prove to be beneficial.”

Retail Manager, Chicago, IL

…”So far so good!! You were totally right in helping me evaluate all the opportunities! I feel so well supported at my new job and am looking forward to seeing how I can progress with my career here…I really appreciated your amazing advice…Thank you again for everything. You truly have an exceptional talent for helping people in their careers!!!”

Sr. Sales Executive, National Company specializing in workplace collaboration technology, NY, NY

“Since beginning the position you introduced me to back in 2010, I was promoted to Project Manager and ultimately Team Leader. It’s been an exciting change, and I’ve been learning more than I could have ever planned!”

Team Leader, Award winning small business, Hartford, CT

“I have worked together on both coasts….Whenever I needed to discuss a position I can get expert advice…dedicated to finding the right fit for you and also the company. I would recommend if you are embarking on the next step in your career…She will be there from the beginning to end and will secure a great job for you. Very knowledgeable, personable and a joy to work with!!”

Sr. Project Manager, Hospitality, San Francisco, CA

“I have worked with her to find my current position, and I had a very positive experience…was extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable about my industry. She found a position that was a perfect fit for my background, and exactly what I was looking for…I worked closely with her through the entire process from interviews to accepting the offer. She gave me great feedback, and answered all of my questions throughout the entire interview process. I had a great experience working together, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new career opportunity.”

Product Manager, Sustainable Consumer Goods, Chicago, IL

“I was not looking for a job move when I was contacted but it worked out and I owe her for my current position at an Award Winning Global Hospitality Company! Based on my conversations with her, she quickly identified my strengths, understood my needs and knew the right fit for me. She was timely, very personable, kept me informed throughout the process and was generally great to work with. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to further their career in the industry!”

Senior Manager, Global Hospitality Company, Washington DC

“…as we discussed possible future partnerships with the company, I was impressed with her knowledge of the industry her sincerity in placing the right people in the right positions. To my luck, a few years later, I was enjoyed the benefits of her expertise as she contacted me as a candidate for a newly created position with a luxury goods company. Through the process, she was always careful to make sure the fit was right for both parties, and the results have been great. Based on this experience, I now hope to be able to use her service to bolster my own team in the future.”

Senior Leader Sales & Marketing, Luxury consumer goods, NY, NY

“I’ve known her, professionally, for a few years, and have been continually impressed with her intuition and well-honed knowledge of my industry. It’s assuring to know that she, not only has her finger on the pulse of hiring trends, but that she also keeps her clients on her radar, until the perfect opportunity surfaces. Most recently, I had the good fortune of being recruited by her for a position, which was the perfect fit for me, as well as the best possible next step for my career. I can’t thank her enough for being such an incredible advocate and coach, throughout the process.”

Associate, Chicago, IL

“I had the pleasure of dealing with her as an integral part of the recruitment process which led to my current position as Store Manager at a National retailer. She was extremely personable and professional and made what is typically a stressful and anxiety ridden process both pleasant and rewarding. She was knowledgeable about all aspects of the job and set up interviews and provided feedback flawlessly. I appreciated her energy and enthusiasm as well as her candor. She truly was engaged and looking to find the right fit for both the employer and the candidate. I would highly recommend that any firm seeking talent choose her as a partner in their search. She is tremendous!”

Store Manager, National Specialty Retailer, Boston, MA

“…She identified my strengths and knew the perfect job for me. Her organization, timeliness, and communication during the interview process, kept me informed and up to date. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for further career advancement.”

Northeast Area Manager, Boutique Retailer, NY, NY

“I was referred to her 7 years ago (still at the company as of 2014) while living in Dallas and thinking about making a move to Chicago. We talked on the phone and exchanged emails several times over the course of a few months before I was ready to have her start submitting my resume and portfolio. By this time she had the perfect company in mind for me. With one phone interview and one trip to Chicago was hired- matched with a company that is perfect for me in it’s breadth and challenging opportunities. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t been for her keen ability to assess both me and my employer.”

Creative Director, Global Marketing, Advertising and Branding Agency, Chicago, IL

“I was lucky enough to have her assist me in finding my perfect job. She was there to help every step of the way – really getting to know me and the position I was applying for, preparing me for the interview process, and advising on how to present the best “me”. She was always upbeat and a pleasure to communicate with. She has a true passion to work hard for those she is helping, always upholding the highest standard of professionalism. To say that her efforts are appreciated is an understatement. Thanks!”

Project Manager, Commercial Furniture, East Coast

“…is an exceptional recruiter.  I was instructed to contact her the summer of ’09 as she had a position I was suited. Once we started working together she was always fair, supportive, and objective as she represented both sides of the negotiation. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her again!”

Sr. Sales Executive, Luxury goods, NY, NY

“…is terrific to work with. She is articulate, thorough and has an energizing personality. Communication is constant and she is always accessible through the process.”

Store Manager, Award winning family owned business, Chicago, IL

“…was extremely helpful is finding the perfect position for me. Her knowledge of the field and her sensible approach made the process very easy and comfortable. I’d highly recommend contacting her if you’re looking for the special position.”

Technical Director, Award winning design firm, Chicago, IL

“She contacted me to see if I was a fit for a client of hers. We chatted on the phone for almost an hour one evening to get to know each other. She was then able to find a few companies for me to interview with as well, but in the back of her head, I know that she knew which company I would work for. She really took the time to know me, which made it easy for her to place me in a position. She is very good and what she does and she helps to take the stress out of finding a new job. She’s very comforting to work with.”

Sr. Associate, Chicago, IL

“The process of working with her was enjoyable every step of the way. Every conversation helped me to better define what my aspirations were and what kind of company would help me to reach my goals. Having a connection with her put me in a current position that is a perfect fit for me and for my firm. I have, and will continue to, refer friends and colleagues!”

Marketing Manager, Cleveland, OH

“She called me as to what my goals were for the new position I was looking for. I told her I would like to work in. The position I was originally interested in was filled, but she said she would keep my information on file and if she came across anything she would call me. About 6 months to a year later she called and had an Office Manager position, which was exactly what I wanted to be doing. She worked hard with them and got me a great starting salary with health insurance. I have been with my company for over 7 months and I am so happy! I never thought she would have remembered me all those months ago. Such hard work and dedication from a great person!”

Business Manager, Professional Services, Chicago, IL

“She is a fantastic recruiter that really went to bat for me in the negotiation process. She suggested a position to me that was a perfect fit with my experience and personality.”

Project Manager, Procurement, Chicago, IL

“…you really understood what I am looking for and what kind of environment would be a good fit.”
I wanted to send you a note to say thank you for your recommendation and help with my current position. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to be a candidate. It’s funny, because from the very first time I talked to you, I knew this was the job for me. I felt very strongly about it. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride with the process, but you kept me informed every step of the way. You have always been available to me and extremely helpful. I am honored and excited to be their Manager. It wouldn’t have been possible without you! I would love to treat you to dinner if you are ever in San Francisco. I definitely owe you!”

Manager, Luxury Retail, San Francisco

“I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you!”
“THANK YOU! I appreciate you so much!”